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Addressing Climate Crisis with Ummah

If there is one opportunity that Indonesia’s government has neglected for decades in achieving our climate commitment, it is its huge potential of the biggest Islamic population in the world. As the world’s religious leaders make a pre-Cop 26 appeal, Indonesian Muslims had the opportunity to play a critical role in the global fight against the climate crisis. Unlike in other countries where religious conservatism often distances itself from climate issues or even closely identifies itself with climate denialism, there is no close connection between conservatism and the anti-climate movement in Indonesia. At least the connection is not obvious yet, and we can avoid it from happening in the future. This becomes important because various reports have indicated the growth of Muslim conservatism in Indonesia. one report by Alvara in 2019 indicated that both Generation Z (aged between 14 and 21 years old) and Young Millennial (22-29) respondents dominate within those who identify as “puritan