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Calming down the tourism craze, does enclosure serve its purpose?

If you look forward to spending summer in Southeast Asia, you might want to take Boracay and Maya Bay, two of the top-rated destinations in Thailand and the Philippines, off your list. Thailand will officially make Maya Bay, which was featured in the 2000 movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio, inaccessible to tourist s from June to September of this year. Meanwhile, even though technicalities are still being discussed, The Philippines interagency task force on Boracay recommend shutting down the island for six months beginning April 26. The Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte has supported this recommendation . This is not the first time Thailand government has used an enclosure strategy to protect ecosystems. In 2016, the government shut down the Southern Similan Islands, a group of famous scenic islands in the Andaman Sea, to tourists from May to October. However, after the fifth month, one island, Koh Tachai, remained restricted indefinitely. The official announcement ment