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My best friend's mum passed away two days ago, and I just knew it this morning when I was in a meeting with friends.

She was one of the strongest women I've ever know. She raised two kids by her own hand, while worked hard in the military. She went to meet my mum when my dad passed away and offered so much help to our family. She forever inspires me.

This is the third time I lost important people in my life since I moved to the US.

My high school best friend passed away in the first month when I arrived in Michigan. The maternal mortality rate is high in Indonesia. My friend passed away when she was delivering her third baby. I had not talked to her for a while, our last conversation was when she told me that when we were in the high school, I always wanted to be a journalist. But I never knew what she wanted to be. She was the smartest, she can be anything, but she was not sure.

By the end of last year, I lost a colleague, one of the most dedicated people I knew in human righ…