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Why it is more and more important to hire local young talents

(I originally wrote this as a facebook post) Brace yourself, this is a long rant in my broken English. It is more and more important for organisations and agencies in so-called developing countries to hire local young talents, including the freelance videographer and photographer due to the cultural and local value that they understand. We have enough of western gaze, we have enough trial and error of western theory bring into practice, and most of the time it is ruining the local wisdom and the local knowledge system. I'm not trying to bring the conversation of global versus local, eastern versus western. It is more about how the locals should own the narrative about their place, their culture, their development. We are not building the extension of American capitalism, EU development model, or even Arabic government system in Indonesia. None of those will fits perfectly with the locals. Of course, I'm only stating the obvious here. I have enough heard people complain