top 10 ignorant white people have told me

This blog post is just another typical Rika's jokes. But if you ever said this to any 'exotic' looking human being, please don't do that anymore.

- You are pretty FOR ASIAN.
Sure, because post-colonialist, mainstream media beauty standard will not allow us, Asian, to be as pretty as blonde white women.

- You speak English so well, did you go to undergrad here in the US?
Yeah, they don't speak English in any other country, only in the US

- This is amazing that you grew up in a Muslim family, in the largest Muslim country in the world, but you are so open-minded.
Tell me again about your religious American family that is anti-LGBT, anti-immigration, and how you argue with them.

- But it's very stupid that people have to wear hijab in a hot and humid country like Indonesia. They must be oppressed.
Why people wear mid-drift and mini-skirt in the middle of a freezing winter night in Michigan? They must be oppressed.

- Have you ever see a skyscraper? Do you have tall buildings in Indonesia?

Nope, we still live in the forest.

- Oh wow, you are ACTUALLY smart.

It's amazing, right? We have been colonialized, oppressed, raped, and cheated by capitalist and imperialist for hundreds of years yet still managed to have a generation that is actually smart.

- I'm sorry if this text is too much for you to translate.
Yeah, I'm a USAID scholar for Global Climate Change, taking my higher degree in the US, and your text message is too hard for me to translate.

-Hiiii, myyyy naaaameee iiiisss...
I love it when people speak really slowly because I won't be able to understand if you do it differently.

- You are actually in a good school, that is amazing!
Do you have any suggestion for a different school that you thought will suit me better?

- I see. I believe you are in the US because of your husband.
Yes, I am in the US because my husband is in Cambodia and I really want to be far away from him.


  1. Don't forget these:

    "You're a strange Indonesian. You don't show up late!"

    "You don't like spicy foods and can't stand the humidity You must've been born in the wrong country."

    "You're Indonesian? No, I don't believe you. Your accent is really good."

    "You're very outspoken and independent for an Indonesian woman."

    -_- >_<


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