Things I miss

Yoga and gym
Haven’t found a nice yoga place that doesn’t make me feel like doing gymnastic here. I really enjoy yoga back home because it is about breathing and accepting yourself.

Gojek has saved my life so many times. One day I left my wallet on Friday night at the office, Friday night in Jakarta means crazy traffic jam. But Gojek managed to get my wallet from the office and deliver it to me in less than an hour from Kuningan to Senayan. Also, I really missed getting my book delivered from the bookstore to the where I live by Gojek. Alright, also food. Surprise.

Easy banking system
Indonesian banking system is amazing, you can just transfer money from any bank to any other bank, not the luxury that I can get in the US. Also, transferring money from general banking service to mutual funds investment is just as easy.

Service Industry
Waxing, hair cut, massage, cream bath... you name it. The therapies are usually very friendly, deliver superb services and only half price than the US.

Roof top bars
Maybe because I live in a small town now no skyscrappers, no rooftop bars. Sky bars and party scenes in Jakarta are pretty amazing.

OMG INDONESIAN MOVIE THEATER IS KILLING IT. There’s no thick big sofa, or bed in the movie theater here. It’s twice the price but half the comfort.

24 hours city
Jakarta never sleeps, the vibe, the energy, it makes me feel more alive.

Paradise dynasty the legend of xiao long bao
I miss the amazing vegetarian laumien. Also in need of amazing yet cheap sushi place.

Abang rujak and tropical fruits
Sweet mango delivered to the office in the middle of the day is one of the best things happened in my life.

Things I don't miss

Once I got stuck for five hours in a traffic jam for the distance that supposed to take 45 minutes drive.

Cat Calling
The record was 14 cat calls in less than 10 minutes walk to the office.

Glad in Ann Arbor I can use my phone on the bus without feeling worried that somebody will steal it (nobody wants iphone 5 anyway).

Expensive Alcohol
Glad I don’t have to spend $13 for gin and tonic or $10 for corona anymore.

Driver who don’t know how to use the map/ gps
I had enough uber or gojek who cannot find my place even if the address and the pin on the map are accurate.

Cake, donut, bagel, bread
They are so expensive and not that amazing. I’d say Lucky’s Supermarket’s  red velvet cupcake is as good as overpriced red velvet cake in Jakarta's most popular restaurant.

Why the one I Plaza Senayan is not that great but expensive?

Pollution and the fact that I have to buy water
Thus I really don't get it why people buy water bottle in Murica. Like, hell yeah capitalism!


  1. Gojek dan Easy bank system.. ini betul2 yang bikin kangen Jakarta. Apalagi pas kalau weekend dan males keluar jalan kaki untuk beli bahan makanan. Soal bank system, baru sadar kalau sistem bank di indonesia itu lebih advance, transfer sana sini, top up sana sini pakai sistem mana aja bisa.

    1. Aku baru ngeh ada komen ini! Iya bener, aku baru ngeh sistem perbankan di indo itu lebih advance. mau transfer gampaaaaang


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