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Things I miss Yoga and gym Haven’t found a nice yoga place that doesn’t make me feel like doing gymnastic here. I really enjoy yoga back home because it is about breathing and accepting yourself. Gojek Gojek has saved my life so many times. One day I left my wallet on Friday night at the office, Friday night in Jakarta means crazy traffic jam. But Gojek managed to get my wallet from the office and deliver it to me in less than an hour from Kuningan to Senayan. Also, I really missed getting my book delivered from the bookstore to the where I live by Gojek. Alright, also food. Surprise. Easy banking system Indonesian banking system is amazing, you can just transfer money from any bank to any other bank, not the luxury that I can get in the US. Also, transferring money from general banking service to mutual funds investment is just as easy. Service Industry Waxing, hair cut, massage, cream bath... you name it. The therapies are usually very friendly, deliver super