I had an amazing 27, I learned a lot. 

I was blessed to be able to meet amazing people, to be inspired by wonderful stories. I took my time to understand myself, to be happy, and happier, to realise that the only person who will give me everything is myself.

I learned that love is an act of giving, not taking. I learned that commitment means self-discipline, that I respect myself, thus I respect my partner. Love should set you and your partner free. Love someone not because you want them to love you back. Love someone because you love yourself, because you love this life and because you have the positive energy and want to share it. Love because you are already happy, not to find happiness. Don't rely on your partner or your relationship to be happy, you can’t be a burden to your partner to make you happy because a happy relation requires two happy persons, because the only sustainable form of happiness is the happiness that comes from within yourself.

I learned that happiness is not a goal. Happiness is a verb, happiness is an approach, and happiness is just that, happiness.  I learned that we don’t have to be obsessed with happiness, because it is unhealthy to ALWAYS feel happy. A healthy anger, sad, and frustrations are always needed. It’s ok to be unhappy sometimes.

I learned that the universe will give me what I want, as long as I work for it. However, it won’t be in a form or time that I asked, because I can have everything, but not all at once. Believe in serendipity and good fortune, it comes to those who are well prepared.

I learned that ignorance is never a bliss, ignorance would never be something else aside of ignorance.

I learned that the past is passed. Everyone has a past. There’s no need to dig the past, be focus on the present, and be prepared for the future. Life won’t drive backward. However, put the past on your rearview mirror so you won’t hit as you drive forward.

I learned that my parents are just human being, as myself. It is ok for them to make mistakes, it is ok to argue in a constructive way. Nevertheless, whatever I do, no matter how silly I am, I know my mum will take my side and go against the world with me.

Being 28, I’m looking forward to learn more. I want to take time to understand life, little by little. I want to travel more to educate myself. I want to dance more so my soul know that we are free. I want to read more to keep on inspired. I want to love more so this world will be less cruel.

Being 28, I wish I can be a kind and caring person, a daughter who makes her mom sleep well at night because she has no reason to be worry, a sister who inspires her siblings to be proud of themselves, a friend who listens carefully and be there when needed, and a partner who helps each other’s self-development.

I want to do something good with my life. I want to be a better person. And it will be a never ending journey to be one.

Happy birthday.

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