I've got a feeling that 27 won't be so mean, moreover because it's an odd number, not an even number. I know this is weird, but odd number give me a nonsensical comfort while even number make me feel under a cloud of bad luck.

27 is an age with so many privileges. 27 is young enough (or at least I believe it's still young enough) to make mistake and do stupid things, but also mature enough to make a cool yet important decision. 27 sounds like the time we reveal ourselves, or at least the time for me to reveal myself (as if I never knew myself).

When I turned 26, I was seriously afraid. 26 is a strange age that made me feel like I'm suddenly older than I'm expected, it's like a strange feeling that sprout in the middle of your morning coffee, having nonchalantly just changed your entire perspective.

But now I turn 27 calmly (I would like to say gracefully, until I realise graceful is too heavy for my personality, also to count how many friends of mine would protest about this claim), without any burden, without swallow any kind of bitterness about being old.

Well, surely metabolism couldn't lie. On my 23 I could do 2 yoga classes followed by body combat in a row. But being 27 and having my knee operated I should be wise enough to choose which work out I want to take in one day, and which meal I have to take so I won't lead myself to any kind of heart attack or diabetes.

On my 24 I was still be able to hang out the whole night and went to work at 7 am the next day. On my latest day of 26 I should choose between party whole night OR early morning meetings. No way to have both consecutively.

To get more number on the age means to learn to decide with more responsibility. I feel like getting older is not a bad thing, it's a good thing indeed. At least now I know what I want to be on the next 10 years, and what I want to pursue. Getting older I learn to be more confidence about myself whatever the flaws I have, and be less confuse about my own self.

Within 30 minutes, I'll be 27 in Papua, but I'm still having 2 more hours privilege of being 26 if I was in Java. Now that makes me realize that I shouldn't rely on the calendar about being old or young. For age matter I have to rely on my own self.

Happy birthday.


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