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song of 2013

This song was on the top of  my 2013 chart. The lyric is so deep, and the music makes me move.  A nice accompany to walk home from the office

So pay attention now, I'm standing on your porch screaming out
And I won't leave until you come downstairs


This chubby bird is ready for sunday!

chubby bird oil pastel on used recycle paper


Subuh tadi aku digunduli oleh kelu dan sunyi
pisau cukur dihunusnya dalam-dalam sedalam nasib buruk dan hati yang keroncongan


finding self

M: I’m starting to really enjoy being alone. It's sometimes hard to find something, but I’m starting to get better and better. Off course it's nice to hang around with people but I thought I was going to feel lonely.

R: Travel alone is good to help us find ourselves. Our real selves. Ok, now I'm about to overanalyze. Stop me. Please. Haha 
M: No that's very true that’s not over-analyzing. 
R: But I'm about to analyze more if nobody stop me. 
M: I ain't stopping ya. 
R: So, did you find yourself already? 
M: I don't know if I will find myself. That's like the end of travelling or something. Or like your life is complete or almost done. Did u? 
R: That's a bit tricky, finding self I mean. How do you know whether you already find your real self or not? If one keeps on changing, than you will never find the real self. Because you live with it. With the transformation of yourself. 
M: True and I think you constantly change. Especially when you are travel…

I'm healthy and I'm proud!