I guess I'm seriously afraid of turning 26. It sounds like lead to more responsibilities and boredom. People expect you to be more mature and tough, while I just wanted to have more fun, no responsibility, and no serious stuff in life.

Well, I can't.

My 25 was a bowl of every joy. It didn't necessarily mean that I face no hard time during those times, but the fact that I could overcome those hard time was a pride.

I won't complain, my early days of being 26 was a bless of great sunshine, beach, books, bunch of awesome new friends, ice cream, cycling, yoga, lots of birthday wishes and literally a best gift ever from a best friend.

Actually there’s nothing acute, painful, or shoddy about this age. I just have been casually musing about this new age, you know that feeling that I just stepped into late 20.

This is the stage when people start to call you Ibu instead of Mbak, and the stage where everyone else is younger than you. You know, several years ago I called everybody else with Mas and Mbak because I was in Jogja and they were just simply older than me. But now, I start to feel like most of the people are at my age, or younger.

Except of being late 20, there's nothing special about being 26, I have already know how does it feel to be quarter of century a year before, and I have legally drunk, years before. Nothing monumental about this year.

Then I realize I had an article several months ago, musing about age. But it's different, I was going to be 26 back then, and now I am 26. So, who cares, perhaps it's entirely appropriate to muttering on the crap about my old age again--which will turn into 30, and then quickly 40.

26 is a strange age that made me feel like I'm suddenly older than I'm expected, it's like a strange feeling that sprout in the middle of your morning coffee, having nonchalantly just changed your entire perspective.

there's something in my blood denies the memory of the acts


  1. you're just turning 26? wow...that makes me feel really old...:-D


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