What lies after death?

His argument is more stunning than what I wrote here, I can't remember all, this is what I remember, and I am amazed until now. Never think the soul as the energy before.


What lies after death?

Why you ask?

Nothing, it just across my mind.

Are you afraid of death?

Nope, I feel more afraid to the pain that we gonna feel before death, not the death itself. I won't mind to die right now if I don't need to feel the pain. Sooner or later I'll be dead anyway. Then I'll find out where we going after this.

I don't believe in heaven and hell.

So, what you believe in after life? Where are we going to go after life?

What is "we"?

We? I mean, me, or you.

What is "you"?

Yeah, you, yourself.

I know, I mean how you describe you, describe self.

You, the body and the soul.

There’s a famous psychological story. Once upon a time live a guy (he mentions the name but I can't remember). He once has a terrible accident, when he tried to cut the woods, the axe hit his head, and he's got terribly injured. But after sometime, he got recovered. For medical students this is a good story about how our physical bodies recovered after get injured, and survive from terrible pain. But also for psychology students, this is an incredible story about how human change. The problem is after he get recovered, this guy completely become a different man. He's no longer him. Just like somebody take him out, and replace with somebody else. Completely different.

Are you trying to say that he is still him, in his body, but it turns to be a different soul?

You tell me, is he still him, or not him? What is him? The body? Something beyond the body, or what?

Maybe there's just something wrong with the brain, you know, like the neuron or something?

Well, that could be, but the fact is he's completely turns into a different person.

So the soul is not there anymore?

Well, nobody knows.

Hmm... The soul, while our body is rotten, where the soul is going to go?

What is soul?

What is soul?

Yeah, what do you mean by soul?

Hmmm... That’s a good question, I never think about that actually. What is soul? It something beyond, let's say in bahasa it's dzat, hmmm... maybe in English it's an essence?

Essence of what?

Of life? Of a human?

So, you try to say that you are the soul itself? Are you still you if you are just the soul without the body? Or how if your body is pretty much the same, but then you just turn to be a different person, just like in the story, are you still you?

I never think about that. I just take me, myself, for granted. I just think when we die then our soul with move to other place, but are we going to feel the experience, the sensation as a soul when our bodies die, or will we just going to be disappearing?

Thermodynamics’ law said energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms, and energy can flow from one place to another. The total energy of an isolated system remains the same.

Ah shit, that's so true; soul is the energy, as our physical body also the energy. But, let's say, my dad is already pass away. I can't meet my dad since the energy is change form, it buried under the land. But then I could meet his energy let’s say that change it form to be the flower that grow in his thumb. The body is decomposed, absorbed by the soil, and then absorbed by the flower as the nutrition it needs. But, the energy of the soul, where is it going? Because they are kind of different energy, right?

Why we should see the soul as a different energy than the body? Why we should specialize it?

Do you think it should be the same?

I don’t know, I just curious because you always put the soul as if it is in higher place the body.

Oh no, is that make me judgmental? 


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