*2 kids are crying and screaming*

R: Children are cute only when they are not yours.

M: Haha… You don’t say!

R: Any kids?

M: Nope, no kids, no wife, still think that 37 years old is too young for marriage.

R: I never particularly think about married, the hell with 25 years old girl trapped in marriage life. But almost all my high school friends are already married, also some of my uni friends. I’m not against them, it’s a choice, every individual have a different life, we can’t compare decision, can’t compare life. I just simply never think about it.

M: Sure, neither do I. I never set plan about married or to have children. It will be good if I have children, as well as have no children. I can set goal about career, but not about children or marriage.

R: Any little kids around you? Nephew?

M: My nephew is already 18 years old.

R: I see. How does it feel to be 37 mature guy?

M: Haha… Why you ask?

R: I just want to know. 25 is good, but soon I’ll be 26, and I’m a bit worry about it. My 24 was so harsh, though this year is roller coaster, but sure things getting better on my 25. But it’s not really about that, 26 just simply sound mature, it does intimidate me.

M: You say it. Late 20 was a bit overwhelming, but it’s not really about the age. My 26 was fine, either do 27, 28, and so on. Getting older is not a bad thing, to some extend it’s a good thing, indeed. You’ll be more mature, and more firm about yourself. You know who you are, you know what you want in life, you know your goal, your objective, and your capacity, and hence you’ll be more real about pursuing those things. When you were early 20 you were still a bit unstable, right? I mean, you know yourself, but you were still in the process of revealing yourself. But later on, you’ll finish with your quest. After those phases you could describe yourself firmly, you’ll be more confidence about yourself. Not to say you are not confidence right now, but later on there will be less confusion about yourself, less anxious. So, I supposed it’s not really about the age that make you worry; maybe it’s more about the expectation of the society. Late 20 is a bit tough, but once you reach middle 30, you’ll be more relax. A lot more.

R: Well said. But still I can’t deny that I’m anxious about being 26. Where was I before, why suddenly I become 26, I don’t feel like already passed through 22, 23, or 24.

M: That’s why you need to make a plan, what do you want to be when you are 30?


  1. "When you were early 20 you were still a bit unstable, right?"

    Hahaha you dont say :P


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