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bertiga dengan botol anggur


Oh I wish you were red wine,
so I could take one anytime I want.
Too bad you were not wine,
and I couldn't take you anytime I want.

But could you pretend like you are mine?
Till we forget that it's just because of the wine.

What lies after death?

His argument is more stunning than what I wrote here, I can't remember all, this is what I remember, and I am amazed until now. Never think the soul as the energy before.
What lies after death?
Why you ask?
Nothing, it just across my mind.
Are you afraid of death?
Nope, I feel more afraid to the pain that we gonna feel before death, not the death itself. I won't mind to die right now if I don't need to feel the pain. Sooner or later I'll be dead anyway. Then I'll find out where we going after this.
I don't believe in heaven and hell.
So, what you believe in after life? Where are we going to go after life?
What is "we"?
We? I mean, me, or you.
What is "you"?
Yeah, you, yourself.
I know, I mean how you describe you, describe self.
You, the body and the soul.
There’s a famous psychological story. Once upon a time live a guy (he mentions the name but I can't remember). He once has a terrible accident, when he tried to cut the woods, the axe hit his he…


ah kamu,
selalu bikin aku patah hati
sampai tak mampu membuat puisi


soal malam-malam yang usang