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Do you remember when we connected by friendster? There was a bulletin board, and there was a time when people wrote question and tag other people so they should gave the answer. The other game on bulletin board was answering question by song title (they asked you to put your ipod on shuffle, and the title of the music played was used to answer the question).

The office is a bit lazy at the end of the week. So I decide to play shuffle. Well, I just create it to overcome boredom. Actually I want to tag people, but then I decide not to do that. I don't want people to feel oblige. But if you are interested to play this, please do tell me. I will be happy for a new music reference!

The Rule:

-Put your ipod (or any kind of music player you have) on shuffle, and write down the first 20 music played.

-Choose 5 of your favorite from the list, and make comment about it. It's not should be about the music, you could write anything.

-Don't forget to put the music clip ;)


Here is mine:
(Hard to decide which one is favorite. Because I play from my phone, and I only put favorite albums on my phone. I love them all!)

1. Oxford Comma -Vampire Weekend


2. Stubborn Love, The Luminers
My boy friend's influence, at that time I introduced him to Civil Wars, and he introduced me to Hey Ho by Lumineers. I love them at the first sound!


3. Clausmophobia -Tika and The Dissident
(I can't put the video here, and can't find another video. But you can click on the title and redirected to youtube)

4. Love is Strange -Karen O 

I'm a big fans of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But when the first time I recognized Karen's voice without knowing it was her, I thought maybe I won't recognize Yeah Yeah Yeahs without Karen O as the vocalist.

5. All The Time, The Sigit


6. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? -She and Him


7. If You're Feeling Sinister -Belle & Sebastian

8. Neurotica -Keziah Jones


9. Cold Light -Yeah Yeah Yeahs

10. Royals -Lorde


11. Take Me Away -Wild Belle


12. Hideaway -Passion Pit

I had passion pit on my ipod a year ago from a friend, but it was just earlier this year for me to realize that I love them that much. I love all the songs in Gossamer. They are also nice to listen to while running.


13. Quiet House -Fleet Foxes


14. Mountain Sound -Of Monster and Man


15. Awake My Soul -Mumford and Sons

They got the grammy (even though not in this album, Babel is the album after this one, I supposed?), should I tell you more how good the music they made?


16. What We Had -The Drums


17. Surrender -FLoat


18. Hell No -Sondre Lerche and Regina Spektor


19. Dance Dance Dance -Lykke Li

20. Cocoon -Bjork, Kiarejas Remix

Instead of this version, actually the one that I had is the Kiarejas Remix. The best Bjork's song remix ever.


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