How hard is too hard?

 In the US everybody is so obsessed with sex.


Yeah, obsessed. Not equally obsessed in all over the place, but in Florida they are. They try to always explore new ideas about sex, you know, like how to define sex, but then it was just the same idea. Dude, you already talk about that, now you just put a different name on it. They become so obsessed by finding a new idea. You know, trying to be progressive.

Like trying too hard to be progressive?

Yeah, trying too hard to find new idea and be progressive.

How hard is too hard?

How hard is too hard?

Yeah. You know like how much until you call it trying too hard?

You tell me.

No, I ask you.

I want to know your opinion.

Too hard is... Let’s say at first you have an idea, but not anymore. After sometime, you got too engage with the idea, the idea own you, not you own the idea. It caught you. The idea define you, the idea tell you how to react, how to act. And you can’t escape from your own idea. You can’t do something different, or something which looks like against your idea, even when you want to, or even when you need that badly, because you are now bound with the idea. The idea is you. You just simply can’t escape.

That’s how I feel about some environmentalist nowadays, got caught by their own idea.


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