Don't kill my sisters!

It is indeed a hot afternoon. The sun wishes to burn us, inside-out. I could hear my heart pounding from work harder, I could feel my skin head crawling from the heat, and my hair wet by the sweat. But this tropic heat doesn't stop my colleague and I from discussing in the yard with green well-cutted grass.

I bet it's 3pm, because I see Icha, my little sister, coming in. She's looked exhausted and soaked. As if I don't really see her, and she's not aware of my existence, she pass by to the house while I still standing in the front yard.

I supposed this Indonesian-70's-era-house is not ours. The yard is too big, yet the style is too elegant--you know, the kind of big white antique house--to be ours. But for some reason, we belong to the house.

Anthy, my other little sister, come after the first one. I feel happy and gracious to see her. I greet her, introduce her to my colleague, and ask about her day. She say it was just like another school day, nothing special. Then he go to the house, to change clothes, and having lunch.

After she passed by, to some extend, I feel guilty. Why I didn't greet my other sister. Why I was ignorant, just stand there, just took a glance, and not even gave her a single smile. Why I acted different to the girl. I shouldn't do that, that was so bad.

The sad feeling burst to my heart. I shook my head as if I realise something, as if I need to get away that feeling. Then I decided to get in to the house, excuse to the college, and looking for the girls. I think I'm gonna propose a nice afternoon walk, if they agree and not tired.

But it turns I can't find them anywhere. They're nowhere in the house, or around the big yard. The yard even bigger than I thought. It's around the house. It's even in the house, connecting the front side and the back side of the house. It has no trees, just some plants and flowers. And my sisters are not here, or there. They are simply nowhere.

I do panic!

I look around the house and the yard once again. 
Then I decide to go out from the back yard gate, to the main street. I don't even know that this gate is connected to the main street. This is a new knowledge for me. 

It's nothing like the gate is right in front of the street. There's a small 100 meters alley from the gate to the street. The alley is big enough for a car to pass. But it's not in asphalt yet. It's like a sand-mud-soil road in my grandmother's village 20 years ago. The alley end to the house's gate at one point, and to the main street at another point, while the sides of the alley are fitted by trees. It really is like a green fresh village.

I follow that path and find myself in a busy road. I hardly hear the noise of vehicle, or people. But the road is busy, cars and three cycle motorbike is everywhere, as well as people who walk in the pedestrian.

The shine dazzle my eyes. I find my sisters while my pupil try to adapt with the light. I'm not sure what they're doing in the middle of the road.

On the next second, I clearly see a three cycle motorbike is about to hit my sisters. But they are freeze, nothing move, not my sister nor the motorbike. The gap between them is about a meter or a meter and a half.

The rider of motorbike keep gassing, like a lion for it's territory. Opposite to him my sisters still freezing. Their hearts must have been beating horribly, yet I could also read something like a powerful anger on Anthy's face. She looked trembling, but I could see that she is trying to deliver a message. The message is: I won't move, I do the right thing, I'll be the last one standing, I fear you not!

Icha is on Anthy's back, soundlessly crying. Her feature are drawn with fear. But she's aware that Anthy is going to be her guardian, the only protector she has.

The street are crowded. But nobody care, nobody pay attention to this event.

I feel useless. I am outside of their drama. They are riveted one to the other by their obscure power of their desire to beat the other. I hold my breath, I want to see what expression would come on that loser driver who against two little kids.

But I feel like suddenly freed, burn by anger, and rushing to the middle of the street. I yell all the things across my mind. I swear as best as I can. My heart is pounding, my hands are trembling, I start to cry and ask the driver to walk away. But he and his motorbike stay still.

I am depressed by the situation. I move as close as I could, face to face to the driver, I whack the motorbike… And wake up screaming while my hand hit the bed..

My t-shirt soaked with sweat, and the tears still there, also the tremble. My heart still pounding as if going to jump out from my body. I usually have control to my dream, I usually know that I'm dreaming, but this time, this dream is so distinct. 


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