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Sometimes people criticise you.
Sometimes they're talking behind your back with their misleading interpretation.
Sometimes people just see what they want to see, and hear what the want to hear--since fact is overrated.
Sometimes people just simply hate you.
That's life.

And we're not living to fulfil all the expectations, yet make people like us.
Sometimes we just need to ignore.
That's life.


This blog will be hiatus for the next 10 days (or more).See you when I see you!

Play SHuffle

Do you remember when we connected by friendster? There was a bulletin board, and there was a time when people wrote question and tag other people so they should gave the answer. The other game on bulletin board was answering question by song title (they asked you to put your ipod on shuffle, and the title of the music played was used to answer the question).

The office is a bit lazy at the end of the week. So I decide to play shuffle. Well, I just create it to overcome boredom. Actually I want to tag people, but then I decide not to do that. I don't want people to feel oblige. But if you are interested to play this, please do tell me. I will be happy for a new music reference!

The Rule:

-Put your ipod (or any kind of music player you have) on shuffle, and write down the first 20 music played.

-Choose 5 of your favorite from the list, and make comment about it. It's not should be about the music, you could write anything.

-Don't forget to put the music clip ;)

Here is mine:
(Hard …

How hard is too hard?

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Kenapa FPI Tidak Perlu Dibubarkan?

Don't kill my sisters!

It is indeed a hot afternoon. The sun wishes to burn us, inside-out. I could hear my heart pounding from work harder, I could feel my skin head crawling from the heat, and my hair wet by the sweat. But this tropic heat doesn't stop my colleague and I from discussing in the yard with green well-cutted grass.

I bet it's 3pm, because I see Icha, my little sister, coming in. She's looked exhausted and soaked. As if I don't really see her, and she's not aware of my existence, she pass by to the house while I still standing in the front yard.

I supposed this Indonesian-70's-era-house is not ours. The yard is too big, yet the style is too elegant--you know, the kind of big white antique house--to be ours. But for some reason, we belong to the house.
Anthy, my other little sister, come after the first one. I feel happy and gracious to see her. I greet her, introduce her to my colleague, and ask about her day. She say it was just like another school day, nothing special. T…