The Berries and The Japanese Restaurant

It's a superhot day, just like any other recent Jakarta's day. A bit cloudy, humid, and stiflingly hot. Too bad it's a weekday, no pool, no beach, no bikini. The options are covering an A event, or a B event, and write the news. Not to complain.

I just arrived in this beam-shaped building with restaurants facing each other, and 3 meters wide hallway in between.

People fast-walk here and there, most of them wearing that professional look, while I'm wearing this professional procrastinator look. There will be 2 events in this building. I unfortunately said yes to a PR, before another PR told me one more important event. But I should keep my promise, hope I could split myself into two.

I'm already in the room of this important event. But then I'm thinking about peeping to another event. Just to make sure I've been there if the PR ask.

Move my body lazily to the restaurant near there where the event hold, to find this big guy with nice black suit sitting and a bit upset. I believe he's one of that annoying guy from the house of representative. I just can't remember whom.

As I step to the restaurant, I can smell something fried, maybe chicken or french fries, I can't identify.

This annoying guy whom I believe from the house of representative still look upset and saying: "You told me you guys going to come, but apparently it so empty around here, not much journalist... bla... bla..."

I choose not to take care of it.

I look around the restaurant, take some crisp with me. This restaurant has a bit of japanese style, mix with java style. More odd than unique. Or maybe it just me who know nothing about interior design, architecture, and art. But the food pretty good.

The situation here a bit odd too, nice food but upset annoying-house-of-representative-guy won't fit my apetite. Better move my ass outside for more breathable air, and find the loo.

"Do you know where I can find the loo?" I ask a guy with uniform, which might work for that building judge from the uniform.

He point a stone-room accross from where I stand. The room is half level high, you know, it's higher than my level now, but it's not as high as the next floor. The room covered with black stone, remind me with an 80's style of Indonesian houses. Seems like a pray room which equipped with wash room.

Beside the stairs up to the loo, are stairs down. Estimated from the light that passing through the gate, it'll direct to a garden. Doesn't mean the building where I stand is dark. It's an open air building with splash of natural light. You could see the sky. They also plant flowers and bushes here and there. It's a nice yet busy building.

But that stairs down catched my attention, and drive my curiousity. The light hypotize me. My feet move without me, till my body exposed by the warm light, the fresh breeze and my eyes stuck to a funny cherry tree.

The trees looks like singapore cherry, Dutch call it japanese kers, and the smart people form the lab specified it as Muntingia calabura L. The funny thing is that singapore cherry bear funny shaped berries.

I believe what I see is a blueberry, but it shaped like pyramid without the sharp edge. I take some pyramid-blueberries which left blue mark in my palm.

2 berries in my hand when my eyes catch this strawberry-shaped-but-black-berry-trees. I manage to take one as I walk toward the crowd at the end of the trees line.

Most of them ar guys, with jumpers, jeans and hoods. As I getting closer, they disperse. But one guy with jeans and grey jumper remain.

He sit in a wood stump, head down, arms in the knees. As he look towards me, I realize he's my friend.

He smile, and I walk faster,

But everything dissolve the next second.

Thus I find myself wake up in the dark.


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