How star troopers kill me

I was walking down Kemang when I met Cat with her cute dress. She said nothing, but I knew she wanted me to follow her, felt like she was talking straight to my mind from her mind.

It was a nice night; starry sky, light air, and fragrance within the breeze, which I assumed came from Cat who walked in front of me. I do remember I could saw her back as I followed her along Kemang, but I don't remember the color of that knee-high dress.

At the end of the road was Tessa's house which so different from what I remember. Her house still has the pool, the garden, and the large-dining table. But it was much bigger, and full of people whom I hardly knew. Seem like Tess (or someone from the house) threw a party.

It was a funny party though. Hardly remember if there was any music, or crowd, or saw anyone move their body. A silent meeting among so many expat. It just simply so many people but you can't say it was a crowd.

I lost Cat, couldn't find her anywhere when a guy came toward me and asked me to dance. Then I realize it was a dream.

I knew this was a dream, but I was just as tired in my dream as in real life at that time. So, very politely, I declined. That guy was not offended but danced alone instead. The only person danced at that silence party.

I moved to the other room and looked around to find Tess. I knew she should be in Melbourne. But it was a dream anyway, she could be in Kemang, Melbourne, Liberia, or anywhere. To find her usually wouldn't be that hard, but among these tall-blonde caucasian, everybody look the same.

I found Tessa in her short-sleeveless-blue-dress hang around the third room (which do not exist in Tessa's real house). The dress she never wore in anykind of party in Indonesia. But this was a dream anyway. Tessa looks upset, with red and gloomy face as if she just cried.

"Hey Tess, there you are. I thought you supposed to be in Melbourne, aren't you?" I didn't know why I asked, in real life she should be in Melbourne, irrelevant since it was a dream. But I asked anyway.

Tessa shook her head, ain't one word from her fill the air. And she still has that gloomy face.

"Hey, what it's all about?" I asked once again.

"Can we skip this conversation?" then she burst into tears, which made an Indian guy approached, to rubbed her shoulder and calm her down.

I didn't know this guy, but he looks like the one that played Kumar form Harold and Kumar movie. Tessa and this Kumar seemed so closed. Eventhough I knew it was a dream, still, I was a bit jealous indeed. Why she refused to tell me what the tears about, and why she let Kumar (or whoever he was) rubbed her shoulder.

I decided not to ask more. I assumed the tears related to her flight to melbourne. Weeks ago she told me that Garuda change her flight without asked her first. Maybe garuda made another move that ruined her plan.

But who the hell is this Kumar guy?!

I was still wondering when Cat arrived. She kept silent as watch us: the crying tessa, the confuse me, and that Kumar guy.

"How about a glass of warm water, Tess?" I broke the stillness.

Cat manage to silent but talk to my mind indeed (in my unconsciousness, I made her an x-men I supposed). She said that Tessa need cold water with ice rather than warm water. I insisted that Tess need a warm water, but Cat was not negotiable with her decision about the cold water.

So we went to the kitchen together. The kitchen was not your typical family kitchen. Though it has that typical kitchen set and the typical kitchen sink under, but the room was empty after all, only full of hot, still air. Nothing you could found in this rectangle room. No table, no chair, no cupboard, also no glasses, and drinking water that we looked for.

A thought step in to my mind, it said that I should found the glass and the water in another kitchen next to this room. This thought appeared as if it was my own thought. I knew the thought came from other mind, but I believe the thought as if it was my thought.

I found myself in another kitchen with Cat following me. This kitchen was bigger, it has all the stuffs required for a normal kitchen; a dining table, kitchen set with the kitchen sink, a cupboard, cutleries, refrigerator, and off course the glass that we need plus the drinking water.

Also it has two doors. From the north door I could see a yard where cars and motorcycles park, probably own by the guests, while the south door provide view of the back yard, from which I could see STAR TROOPERS!

Oh my God, those white star troopers walked toward the kitchen with their black-long guns (or rifles). I never mess around with them, but I just knew that they gonna kill us, me and Cat.

I shouted to Cat "RUN!"

I jumped to the north door, and another second we ran thorough the motorcycles and cars. The star troopers walk so fast, faster that you could imagine. They were right behind us.

That moment Cat jumped in to an electric car. Maybe she thought that we could run faster with the electric car. But it's electric car anyway, which electric car could run fast?

Instead of ran away from the star troopers using that car, Cat got herself locked in the car. I ran back to the car and open the door from outside, which was so easy.

Once again Cat manage to run, but I was freeze to found a bullet pierced in to me. No blood bursted from my body, but I could feel the bullet IN my body. It gave me the pins and needles sensation, first at my brain, then spread all over my body.

I knew it was a dream, but then I talked to myself: so here's a sense of death.

And that's how star troopers killed me, that's how I died...
in my dream.


  1. Well, you're already dead.

    I use my sixth sense to try to predict your dream, well, first time that i have to tell you is the clear message. Something happened with your friend. She need your help.

    Second about you're shot by the star troopers, whatever, you will successfully run your project. Congrats!


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