the minister and the bathroom

One beautiful night on March, we watch American football. I never enjoy American football before, for me they just a bunch of guy with funny clothes who like to hold each-other. But this night, I enjoy the game.

The next second I even laugh, as if I understand the cute part when he scored. I try to explain myself why that part is cute so I should laugh, but I couldn't. It just simply funny.

We are watching American football and laughing together. Oh I love this situation. I feel so much obliged to run a conversation, but he doesn't say a word. Well, never mind, I keep talking and he keep laughing until I feel so sleepy.

He's fade away, and I wake up in a hotel room with two other girls. Ah, just remember I went out of town with these girls yesterday and we took this room. I try to wake up early since because I have to go to an event this morning. But the other girl still using the bathroom.

So I decide to sleep another 15 minutes.

When I wake up, The Minister of Maritime and Fishery is here, with all the contingent. I can see clearly Director General of Cultivation and Director General of Processing and Marketing are in front of my door.

I jump from the bed, and rushing to the bathroom, where I can find so many people there. I don't remember who are they, or whether we met before or not, but I know a girl, she used to work in my office.

So I yell at them, ask them to empty my bathroom for this superimportant sake of me. Some of them rush out use the normal door, and some other climb the stairs in the middle of bathroom (why this hotel has stairs in the middle of bathroom, I would like to ask them the same question).

I can feel the atmosphere outside the bathroom. All the important people using batik are hang around in our hotel room. They sit on the sofa, talking and blowing smoke to each other. And I'm stuck in the bathroom with some people wo don't want to get out.

I started to panic and push each guy to the door. At last, the bathroom is empty, only me and my naked body. Before I turn the faucet and make myself wet, I manage to wake up, and rushing to the bathroom in my real life.

I have an event to cover up, related to this Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries and the a harvest of prawn.

Oh, I need more sleep!


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