I know nothing bout love, but I know which one is not

Love is something complicated, nice yet terrible, sweet yet disgusting.

Then I choose not to talk about it anymore. I just want to talk about you and your deep brown eyes. I just want to steal a kiss or two. One kiss on your lips, another on your neck. A deep gentle kiss. Then I'm gonna let you do the rest.

My friend said love is hormone.  That one is the most understandable definition for my small empty brain. Well, I know nothing about love, but I know which one is not love.

This is not love.

I just want you to get more than just lips--either neck--so you know how hormone smells like.

I remember your smell, a smell which make me smile in a blush when I remember it. Smile to remember how you smile, smile to remember the circular air which keep us closer and keep us warm.

It's skin to skin thing, I can't talk more than what transferred form your skin to mine, vice versa.

I remember the smell of your dirty skin which you got from this megapollutant city. I don't wanna give a damn about the dirt on your dirty skin or how the dirt smell like. I don't really care as long as your skin touch the right place and give the right signal, like the affairs of sunshine and raindrops  to enforce the flower of having beans and fruits.

One thing is missing, why don't you talk about economic or politic, or anything like you always do. About the debate between Agus Marto Vs Jero Wacik. About the moratorium of imported cow from Australia Vs moratorium of Indonesian migrant workers. About financial inclusion... or anything, just say it.

This is not significance to talk to, but it's always nice to talk anything until we have any other reason to get any further.

Because I know nothing about love, sex is easier to define also (often) nicer to have.


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